Myriam Tardif

myriamMyriam is in the process of finishing her Master’s thesis in anthropology at Concordia University.

Her research project focuses on a strategy that aims at implementing “Lean Management” in the public network of Healthcare and social services in the province of Québec. Based on an ethnographic fieldwork of 3 months in one of the new CIUSSS of (what is now known as) Montréal, she primarily investigated how the introduction of Lean Management and the spirit of continuous betterment at its core mediated and transformed relationships between various actors of the field. This concept has similarly changed the very nature of the care work in health care facilities.

Her interests revolve around political economy, gender theory, science and technology, intersectionnality & social justice, and the relationship between ethnography, art and (science)-fiction. She is currently working on two research-creation projects involving movie-making. One is about the relationship between technologies of movements (bikes, cars, buses, etc.) and accidents in so-called Montréal. The second one is a full-length feature science-fiction film project about resisting on-going colonialism and imperialism.