Marie-Noëlle Carré

PHOTO_LINKEDIN_CARREEDr. Marie-Noëlle Carré is a geographer specialized in metropolitan areas, political ecology and waste in the Americas.

With Dr. Kregg Hetherington, her current research focuses on how wastelands, as afterlives of the American frontiers, and their stories, which underpinned modernist infrastructure development, contribute to our understanding of territorial development. Her PhD thesis (2013) studies waste governance and management in Buenos Aires (Argentina), and how the crisis of 2001 has splintered metropolitan thinking and environmental practices settled since the late 1970s. She trained as a postdoc at the Centre de Recherche en Éthique (Université de Montréal) with Dr. Kathryn Furlong, studying the socio-spatial issues of large sanitary landfills’ recycling and their challenges to environmental and political ethics.